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A Piarist at your service

I arrived to Tijuana, Mexico, to start a new stage in my training as a Piarist and I did not know what my apostolate would be there. I was commissioned to collaborate in the Vocational Ministry, which was new to me.

This has helped me to be close to young people and get to know them a little more: about their lives, their fears, what they like to do, what draws their attention, etc. From these aspects I have been working with them on the vocational topic, taking into account their concerns.

These boys are very helpful in their parishes. Some tell me that the parish community is like their second family. There they find friends with whom to share their achievements and many beautiful moments. Those who arrive for the first time cannot believe that there are young people who gather in the Church and have a good time there. So, the vocational ministry is a complement, a light, for everything that the young person lives and enjoys in his youth group.

Presenting the steps for choosing a vocation to young people is a great help to them. They are no longer alone struggling with thousands of questions, such as, “Is this for me?” “What if I make a hasty decision?” “What will happen to my life later?”

I know that it is the Lord who calls. But how will they know if God is calling them? For this reason, the Vocational Ministry team offers monthly retreats. Each person in this team is an instrument of God to accompany them and not leave them alone in a world of questions. Each youth answers their questions with the help of the Piarist Vocational Accompaniment.

Vocation Ministry is a very beautiful apostolate. This has also helped me in my own Piarist vocation and I fall more and more in love with what I do.

Why not invite others to experience this path?

Those who play soccer know in which position they can feel better and all the players collaborating together can achieve a victory. In the same way, those of us in a house of formation work for an ideal which, of course, is the Kingdom of God. In our case, we Piarists work starting with the smallest. This is our vocation.

It is not common for young people to see a Piarist who is still in initial formation collaborate in Vocational Ministry. But they say they feel privileged because they know closely and appreciate the decision of someone who has chosen this lifestyle.




Miguel Ángel Montejo González, Sch. P.


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