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God is not confined

Some vocational activities, such as retreats and workshops, have ceased during the contingency. But, despite the pandemic, God continues to call.

We cannot be close to each other, physically, but God is within you. He keeps whispering in your mind and knocking on the doors of your heart. Will you open it? Will you answer him?

Message of encouragement to all who seek to do the will of God

I invite you to have confidence in God, because all things pass away, only the Love of God remains, because he is Eternal and He will always be with us.

Let us look at what is happening with eyes of faith, that is to say, everything can be seen in the path of God if we are open to Him.

This is a time to be more at home, with the family and with ourselves. I do not know if you are one of those who one day said: “how I would like to have more time to spend with my family, to rest, to think or reflect what I should do with my life” and also, why not? “To have more time to communicate with God.”

Well, you already have it, take advantage of it. Make your wish come true.

On the other hand, it is important that we realize that we are finite beings. The important thing is that we be humble, that we recognize what we are and also what we are not. Only in this way can we grow in our humanity, in community and in our relationship with God.

We have realized that an invisible enemy, the Covid 19, can attack us at any moment and take our life. Furthermore, we must realize that we have mistreated the ecosystem. The Earth claims to us and calls our attention so that we take responsibility and care for our common home. Only in this way can we live happy, healthy, and leave a prosperous world to the following generations.

To finish, I want to refer to what we call “meaning of life”, to our vocation. The question to elicit your answer is the following: If you died tomorrow, would you be happy with the way you have lived your life? In other words, do you think you have fulfilled or are you fulfilling God’s plan?

As you can see, this situation also helps us see more clearly if we are walking on dark trails and we are losing the true Way.

May God accompany you and take you by His hand so that you are never confused, that you do not panic and, above all, that you do not stumble in the nonsense of life.

May Jesus be our Way and our Guide so that he leads us to the Father safe and sound.

   Fr. Fernando Garcia Sch. P.


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