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My heart is ready

My heart is ready, O God, my heart is ready.

We do believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens according to God’s divine providence. And everything happens because of a purpose and this purpose is up to us to discover along our journey. In every aspect of life, we can create a story. Life, in itself, is a story, and these stories tend to move our life.


Before anything else, I am Br. Ramil P. Ostia, a Filipino aspirant, and is now living with the Piarist Fathers and Brothers here in the Calasanzian International Formation House, Quezon City since mid-October, 2019. My former seminary has the charism for the Chinese apostolate, I opted to continue my vocation with the Piarist not because I had already anticipated the ‘Sinophobia’ due to the world epidemic CONVID-19 of the present time, rather, as a fruit of my prayer and discernment. Whereas, I could truly feel the solace of peace and joy in my heart, and which also I can say, “I belong” because I have the affection in the field of teaching among the children and the young, which is exactly the charism and spirituality of the Order.


Living with the religious is not a walk in the park that could lead to the bed of roses. Honestly speaking, I had experienced the struggle of coping with the norms and practices in the beginning. I was stumbled when we have to eat our meals within 15 minutes or less, waking up as early as 4:30 am to prepare for our morning rituals, cleaning volumes of fishes after our Saturday manualia, etc. Simultaneously with my formation, to practice with my profession, I was also given a task to teach philosophy in the Senior High School of a Carmelite-owned School just across our village, likewise, to teach in the nursery school, together with my Filipino aspirant, as scheduled. However, these are just the minimal acts that I learn to appreciate as far as I began embracing this kind of life until eternity. With the aforestated, it makes my life busy working for the Lord, because we believe in the saying that “idleness is the workshop of the devil.”


As of this writing, I am still seeking and praying for God’s benevolence and grace that I may have the endurance and resiliency in bearing all the challenges that will come ahead. At the moment, I enjoy this circumstance of being corrected and formed according to the decorum and behavior of becoming a religious. If ever, which God, in His compassion and mercy, through the wisdom of the formators, will give me the grace to join the Piarist Order, all I can offer, is my service, my life and my all. Hence, having the sight of my aspiration, I implore and sigh, “My heart is ready, O God, my heart I ready.” (Pss.57 – Liturgy of the Hours, Thursday Lauds, Week I)   


Aspirant Ramil Ostia. Manila, Philippines

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