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Prayer for the  vocations of St. John Paul II to Mary

Prayer for the  vocations of St. John Paul II to Mary

We offer you this Prayer forthe  vocations of St. John Paul II to Mary


Mary, humble servant of the Most High,

The Son you begat has made you a servant of mankind.

Your life has been a humble and generous service:

you have been a servant of the Word when the Angel

announced the divine project of salvation to you.

You have been servant of the Son, giving him life and

remaining open to mystery.

You’ve been a servant of the Redemption

remaining valiantly at the foot of the cross,

together with the Servant and suffering Lamb that was immolated for our love.

You have been servant of the Church on the day of Pentecost

and with your intercession you continue to generate it in every believer.

To you, young Daughter of Israel,

who have known the turmoil of the young heart

before the eternal proposal,

have young people look at him with confidence.

Make them able to accept your Son’s invitation

to make life a total gift for the glory of God.

Make them understand that serving God satisfies the heart,

and that only in the service of God and his Kingdom

we carry out ourselves according to the divine project

and life becomes a hymn of glory to the Holy Trinity. Amen


I pray asking to the Holy Spirit to open my heart to God’s plan as He did with Mary.

  • Of Mary’s attitudes, which one catches my eye and why?
  • I abandon myself to Mary’s heart.
  • Accepting Jesus’ invitation, making life a total gift, experiencing that God satiates my heart, life as praise to God… how does it resonate in me? I talk to Him with Mary, with Jesus… I open myself to his love…

I appreciate the meeting and name the lights I receive in what encourages me to answer the Lord’s call and the difficulties that appear in me.


Download Prayer for the Vocations of St. John Paul to Mary


18 December, 2018

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